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A Conversation On Guns & Red Flag Laws with Ricco St. Cloud

That’s Based Special Interview

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Friday Review: National Donut Day

Chit Chat & a Cup of Joe

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Biden & GOP Strike a Deal on Debt Ceiling, AOC gets Punked on Twitter, & Fentanyl in the Weed

That’s Based with Caleb Salvatore

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That’s Based with Caleb Salvatore

DeSantis 2024, Target Gets Boycotted, an Indian White Supremacist, & Lockdown Nostalgia
Durham Report Exonerates Trump, Fetterman Tries to Speak, Transgenders Celebrate Mother’s Day
A Mexican White Supremacist, Trump’s Phony Civil Trial, & Biden Family Crimes
Biden Runs on Freedom, Epstein Worked for the CIA, & Harry Sisson EXPOSED

That’s Based with Caleb Salvatore 

Mid-Week Check In Audio Podcast

Abortion Lobby Simps for Murderer, CitiBike “Karen” was a Hoax, Honest Work Meme Farmer Dies 
Trump OWNS CNN, the Border is Wide Open, NFL Rape Hoaxer Exposed 
WHO Says COVID is Over, Jordan Neely Killed on Subway, & Medical Schools Transition Toddlers 
RIP Jerry Springer, the South Omaha Sopranos, & Sudan’s Bio Lab Attack 

Chit Chat & a Cup of Joe

Where would You Go on a Summer Vacation?
Where would You take a Cruise?
Friday Reviews: Mt. Dew
Cats vs. Dogs

The Chris Baker Show

Audio Podcasts

St George Floyd Day, Target Doubles Down on Satan, Rick Schroder Exposes Hollywood, a Guy Breaks His Weiner in 3 Places 
Pillen hits the bullseye, Target backpedals and Dodgers sign Satan as a Free Agent 
Hotties get a Rude Awakening, more College Bullies, and Truck Nuts for Kamala Zen 
Predict the Dem 2024 Campaign Prediction, Your Kids Aren’t Yours, Archie Has A Tranny, Murders Get All the Chicks 

Featured Episodes

The Chris Baker Show

The Chris Baker Show

The Chris Baker Show

NSEA and NEA have lost their Minds – Warning – Adult Content
Congressman Steve Stockman and Matt Innis
What is Paul Pelosi up To?

Outlaw Streamers Originals

– featuring Tanner Usrey

Groundbreaking Interviews

Special Guest Gabriel Freher


Jim Pillen is Real?
The War in Mexico
Racial Sensitivity Training & Forced Apologies
1 Year Anniversary Video from Caleb Salvatore

News & Commentary

The Chris Baker Show
Freedom Rally USA
That's Based with Caleb Salvatore

Lifestyle & Culture

Real Women Talk
Chit Chat & a Cup of Joe
Resilience in Life and Leadership


Live at Buck's


That’s Based Opening Skits

Law & Order – That’s Based
White House Press Conference
A Craigs List Purchase
Harry Potter Legacy

Smart Stupid People

Tiffany Marie
Writer for the Underground Music Collective
Overweight People Giving Health Advice, Mental Health Advice, & Bigots
Crazy People Everywhere

Dementia Awareness

President Joe Biden Silicon Valley Bank Statement

Store Brand TMZ

Chloe Kardashian, Megan Fox & The Super Bowl
Britney Spears, Woody Harrelson, and Jake Paul
A UFC Champion, a Trans Ban, and Taylor Swift Weight Gain
Boneless Law Suit, 2023 Oscars and Billie Eilish

Teacher of the Year Nominees

Jaqueline Mah
Lincoln Acres Elementary School
Robert Krasnicki
Royal Palm Beach, Fl
Ettson Arreola
Syringa Middle School
Bernard Smith
West Port High School

Comedy Clips

What Will you Identify As
A Chris Baker on Air Death Request
Therian Whackness
Gas Station Boner Pills

Nature Gone Wild

Felines are Tired of Pronouns
Santa’s Team in Training
When Nature Attacks #1
When Nature Attacks #2


Church of Satan & Sam Smith
Brendan Fraser could play Zelensky
No Respect Hanks
Safe Sex – Klingon Style
A New UFO Task Force
Do You Believe in Aliens
Unidentified Flying Car Dealership Objects
Russel Speeder’s Yellow Man

All the Politics

Out of Touch Parties
A Libertarian Party Reach Out
Nebraska’s ‘Let Them Grow Act’
Isolation from Both Parties

President Joe Biden

Joe Biden has a Think Tank?
Biden has Classified Documents
The Biden Agenda – Stall
Biden’s Release
Paul Pelosi Honored
Oil for Ten More Years…and Beyond
2023 State of the Union Bumbling Joe Biden
2023 State of the Union Bumbling Joe Biden
Time to Move on Romney
Hunter’s Sexualized Assistant
A Snub from Grandpa Joe

President Donald Trump

Media Accusations
King Trump Bowser
Donald Trump, an Accused Racist
Trump’s Responsibility in all This

On Air Interviews

Ryan Mauro on the Big Show
Shemeka Michelle on the Chris Baker Show
Saundra the Astrologer
KDeuces with Crooks & Books


Alleged Ukrainian Cover Up
Zelenskyy’s World Tour
Biden Sends Tanks
Ukraine Vogue

Lawless America

Soft on Crime Policies
A Target Takedown
We’re Out of Corn
Maskless Theft


They don’t Know what it is, but They Know what it’s Not
A Pfizer Director Admits to COVID Manipulations
What Happens when the COVID Emergency Ends?
Unhealthy Health Advice

Our Global Future

The De-Population Agenda
Voice Recording Ramifications
Future Plans to Reverse Death

Climate Change

A Ban on Gas Stoves
Failed Climate Change Predictions
Tim & Chris’s Carbon Credits
Climate Change Lockdown

Southern Border

Mexico’s Immigration Laws
The War in Mexico
Immigrant Squatters
A Vermont Invasion


Woke Culture gone Full Circle
A Desensitized Society
Starbucks Pronoun Therapist


Only Women can have Menstrual Cycle
Women have a Womb, it’s Science
A Pornographic Children’s Book Crackdown
Real Women don’t Know what it’s like to be a Woman

Gender Identity

Gender Neutral ‘God’
Therian Whackness
Minnesota Music Teacher


Man Plans to meet a 12yo Girl at a Target
A Grooming Culture
A ‘Child Groomed’ as a Young Child
TMI Teacher Grooming


‘Field’ is now Racist
Soft Racism of Low Expectations
Anti-Asian Hate
Tyre Nichols Death was not Racially Motivated

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