Who Do You Believe?

The raid on President Donald J Trumps home Mar-a-Lago makes it clear to me that, political elites do not care about us. By us I mean American Citizens, those of us who carry the weight. Those of us who run businesses, grow an economy and send our loved ones to fight their endless wars.

We have record drug overdoses in America and a wide open border. Did they raid the Presidents home looking for the plans for building the wall? No? They don’t care about you.

There should be no doubt that this raid was outrageous and I’m not going to run down the endless list of “what about” hypocrisies. The biggest problem I see is; who do I believe moving forward?

Remember the “Trump tried to wrestle the steering wheel from the Secret Service” story? People ran with that story until the agents in the car came out and called it BS.

With every big event or “crisis” we are barraged with speculation, hyperbole and smears. If you look back on many of the freak-outs in our crisis driven culture, the facts rarely equal the hysteria. Months later you learn stuff like… Trump supporters didn’t kill a police officer with a fire extinguisher. So who do I believe?

The border is wide open, drugs and millions of illegal aliens from all over the world are flooding in, China is about to take over Taiwan, we’ve sent $90 billon dollars to Ukraine yet the largest cities in America are being overrun by drugs, crime and the poverty and death that comes with it.

They don’t care. They only care about power, power over you. That’s why they want 87,000 new IRS agents. That’s why they limit information and speech. That’s why they want your car. That’s why they want your guns. That’s why they want Trump. They want control and they want you to eat bugs and be thankful.

My advice? Sit back watch and listen. I watch and see who keeps having to adjust their story to match reality. Forget about Democrat or Republican, it’s the elites against the average.

I think Sonny Barger summed it up perfectly in his final statement; “Keep your head up, stay loyal, remain free and always value honor.”

I can do that…

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