Fatherless Homes Time Bomb is Going Off

When Democrats destroyed Black families by replacing fathers with government checks, they started building a time bomb. The number one problem in the black community is that 70 percent of black kids are born without the father married to their mom. Liberals in the 60s established what we now call welfare for girls who got pregnant without the benefit of being married.  The only stipulations for receiving these government benefits was that you could not be married or have a male living in the same home.  It paid not to marry. Now stories like this are common.

The rise of the welfare state coincided with the rise of feminism, which basically said that a woman didn’t need a man—once they got a man’s sperm, he was totally irrelevant.  The convergence of the welfare state and feminism, has led to a prolonged assault on men and the traditional family unit. Now we have kids growing up in a generation where it’s normal not to have a father and any male influence is now seen as hateful, violent and subhuman.

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