More Raaaacisim; White and Asian Students Out Perform Black and Latino Students… Again

Results of the 2022 National Assessment of Educational Progress reveal that the gaps between Nebraska’s racial and socioeconomic subgroups continue to persist. Obviously this is because of “racism” and “income inequality.” That’s what Democrats/Communist say.

Forget about the fact that Democrats/Communist have totally controlled education for over 60 years. That’s right, the people who continue to chirp about the “problems with public education” are the same people who wrecked public education.

“Kevin Riley, an associate professor of education at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and former superintendent of Gretna Public Schools, said the scores reflect the nation’s number one challenge: income disparity.

There are more traumatized kids in poverty whose basic needs are not being met, he said.

“When we talk about disparity, it’s like putting two kids on the starting line of a 100-yard race,” he said. “One of them has no hurdles in his lane and the other has 10. When you have to jump over those 10 hurdles, who is going to win that race?”

Blame whitey or capitalism. Effort can’t have anything to do with low performance. The system of social promotion, unaccountability and low expectations can’t have anything to do with this. It’s racism and capitalism, that’s it!

They’ve wrecked public education and now use their destruction to push their communist agenda.