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Safe Sex – Klingon Style
Business can be Rough…and Ripe
Partners who just Lay there

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Things You can’t Unseen

You Might have Sat in Chocolate

Things You can’t Unhear

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Atleast You’re not Them

Street Jumper Fail
Subway Jumper

Presidential Blunders

Unidentified Flying Car Dealership Objects


No Respect Hanks

Vagina Gummies
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Comedy & the Law

An ‘I’m Guilty’ Mugshot


Theresa’s Worst Valentine’s Day


Anal Suppository Periods

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The Chris Baker Show

We’re Out of Corn

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Woke Culture gone Full Circle

Freedom Rally

Furry Down the Street
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Real Women Talk

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Commercials on a Toilet

Low Expectations
Russel Speeder’s Yellow Man

That’s Based with Caleb Salvatore

They don’t Know what it is, but They Know what it’s Not
Isolation from both Parties

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