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Greta Thunberg Protests Green Energy, a Royal Eviction, and a Mythical Elf

Greta Thunberg is upset because wind turbines are sitting on indigenous people’s land, King Charles has decided to evict the Sussex’s from Frogmore, and President Obrador saw what?

What’s up with Meghna and Harry & Don Lemon Verbally Attacks Nikki Haley
Meghan and Harry just can’t stay out of the public eye and Don Lemon claims Nikki Haley is ‘past her prime.’ 

Unseen January 6th Footage Destroys the Official Narrative

Tucker Carlson has released never before seen footage that turns the Democratic narrative of what happened at the Capital on January 6 upside down.

Fetterman, Racist Roads, J6, and more Hot Topics

It got spicy on today’s Chit Chat & a Cup of Joe with talks of Donald Trump, Mexican cartel apologizes and even J6. I know we won’t all agree here.

The Most Recent Outlaw Streamers Interview

Interview with ‘Dave’ 

Interview with a bad ass former undercover super secret drug agent.  You have got to hear this interview.


Lizzo is Vegan

Your White Peers are not Invited

Woke Culture gone Full Circle

Women don’t Know what it’s like to be a Woman

An Outlaw Streamers Original

Tanner Usrey – Buck’s Bar & Grill – Venice, NE – Recorded May 25, 2022

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