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Crashed UFOs had NON-HUMAN PILOTS, Biden’s Dog Goes Cujo, McConnell Malfunctions

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Republicans are in Trouble, Liberals Melt Down About Climate Change, Fat Activist Gets Demonetized
Sound of Freedom is now “QAnon Propaganda,” Jonah Hill’s Ex, Dems Ready to Oust Biden

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Republicans are in Trouble, Liberal Climate Change Melt Down, A Demonetized Fat Activist -Sneak Peek
Sound of Freedom is now “QAnon Propaganda,” Jonah Hill’s Ex, Dems Ready to Oust Biden – Sneak Peek


Activists Attack Gun Laws
Liz Cheney doesn’t like Trump
Soft Racism of Low Expectations

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2024 State of the Union Address

Oil for Ten more Years…and Beyond

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First Lady, Jill Biden, Plants a Wet One

Bumbling Joe Biden

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A Craigs List Purchase

Harry Potter Legacy

January 28, 2023 White House Press Conference

Teacher of the Year Nominees

Jaqueline Mah

Lincoln Acres Elementary School

Robert Krasnicki 

Royal Palm Beach, Fl

Ettson Arreola

Syringa Middle School in Caldwell, Indiana

Store Brand TMZ

Boneless Law Suit, 2023 Oscars and Billie Eilish
Britney Spears, Woody Harrelson, and Jake Paul

Smart Stupid People

Overweight People Giving Health Advice, Mental Health Advice, & Bigots – Smart Stupid People
Tiffany Marie, a writer for the Underground Music Collective

Dementia Awareness

Biden Supports Child Mutilation
February 11, 2023
January 28, 2023


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Trump doesn’t get Arrested & the New Law They don’t want You to Know About