That’s Based Highlights

Lizzo is Vegan
Why Folks like Caleb are on TikTok

Unhealthy Health Advice

Train Derailment Racism

The De-valuation of Man

The De-Population Agenda

They don’t Know what it is, but They Know what it’s Not

Ohio Train Poisoning

Mainstream Tabloid Headlines

King Trump Bowser

Isolation from both Parties

An Embarrassing Harry Potter Sleeve

An Armed Country

A New UFO Task Force

Nebraska’s ‘Let them Grow Act’

The Devaluation of Men

Basketball Outrage, over a Ball

Tyre Nichols Death was not Racially Motivated

Out of Touch Parties

Soft Racism of Low Expectations 

A Pornographic Children’s Book Crackdown 

A Libertarian Party Reach Out

A Grooming Culture

A Pfizer Director Admits to COVID Manipulations

Creek Water Whiskey

Gas Station Boner Pills

Crazy People Everywhere

Racial Sensitivity Training & Forced Apologies

Voice Recording Ramifications 

Anti-Asian Hate

The Biden Agenda – Stall

Biden’s Release

No Respect Hanks

An Astrology Update