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Saudis Strike Oil Deal with China, Trump gets Indicted, & Andrew Tate is Free

Anti-Christian Terrorist Kills 6 in Nashville + MAJOR Questions about Stormy Daniels

Trump doesn’t get Arrested & a New Law They don’t want You to Know About

Banks are Collapsing & We’ve never been in Worse Hands

Unseen January 6th Footage Destroys the Official Narrative

COVID Came from a Lab, Fetterman is AWOL, and a Trump Jury Forewoman is Nuts

Biden Ignores Ohio, Shoots at Party Balloons, & Gives even more to Ukraine

UFOs Shot Down, Ohio Chemical Train Explodes & Pure Chaos w/ Anthony Rogers

Reacting to the SOTU, Chinese Spy Balloons, & Psychic Predictions

Everyone has Classified Documents

Joe Biden’s Embarrassing Weekend

FBI Raids Joe Biden over Classified Docs

An NFL Collapse, Andrew Tate Arrested, and Republicans have No Speaker

2022 in Review + Mr. Zelenskyy Goes to Washington

That’s Based Christmas Special

What Happened to the Left + Britney Griner is Home

Elon Releases Twitter Files & Kanye Goes off on Alex Jones

Balenciaga Unveils New Target Market Pedophiles
Prosecutors Dropped the Ball on Colorado Springs Shooter & Still Expect you to Turn in Your Guns
Republicans BLOW IT in the Midterms – What Went Wrong?
That’s Based Midterm Breakdown
Taylor Swift drops a new album breaking Spotify records and Kanye West is dropped by multiple sponsors.
We don’t have to Agree to Defend Free Speech
Biden Attempts to Pardon Federal Marijuana Offenders
The Great Overcorrection of Society
The Controlled Demolition of Society
Lost Biden Trending this Week
Seattle Teachers Strike
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