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Biden Meets with Obrador & the Cost of American Theft hits $90 Billion

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Cancer Worms

A Misunderstood ‘Merchant of Death’

Bailout Obligations

Listen to “President Joe Biden Visits the Border” on Spreaker.

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What Happened to Australia?

I remember when Australia was known as a country full of rugged, tough individuals. Now… not so much.

At the Satanic Convention Mask are Mandatory

Makes sense since mask mandates are a hellish waste of time. READ HERE

The BIG BUTT Obsession is Over, and Yes… It’s Raaaacist!

I never understood the fascination with giant butts. I thought it was the Kardashians who really drove this but I was wrong. Apparently there is an entire lineage to the great butt debate and of course… IT”S RACIST!

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President Joe Biden Visits the Border

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